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 About CrisisRisk

The principals of CrisisRisk™ are seasoned professionals who can bring into focus, your organization's risks and opportunities. They have decades of expertise in underwriting, sales, claims, legal, and risk management. Over the last 15 years they have handled hundreds of crises, including some of this nation’s most catastrophic events.

Managing bad things in real time has given CrisisRisk a different lens through which to view your programs. CrisisRisk is uniquely positioned to help you as an insurer, agent, broker, captive, pool or association reduce your losses and increase your sales.

There are few things we haven't seen. We know what can go wrong. We know what the precursors are. We can help to prevent bad things from happening to your insureds, thereby reducing frequency and severity in your program.

 CrisisRisk Founders

Harry W. Rhulen, Esq., CEO

Harry is a former insurance group CEO where he led several public offerings and participated in over thirty M&A transactions.  


He is an attorney who serves as a trusted advisor, bringing critical decision support to many insurers, brokers, CEOs, board members, school superintendents, and government officials. 


He has served on the boards of several profit and not-for-profit entities, receiving humanitarian awards for many of his efforts, including the “Quality of Human Life” Award from the American Red Cross.


Harry is a member of the ASIS Crisis Management & Business Continuity Council and a Board Advisory Services faculty member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD).



He is a co-author of Disaster Ready People for A Disaster Ready America.


Suzanne R. Loughlin, EVP, General Counsel 

Suzy has extensive consultative experience in crisis management and crisis communications on behalf of clients ranging from the world’s largest global companies to educational institutions and governmental entities.

Suzy’s hands-on crisis management experience, combined with her training and practice in legal
exposures, enables her to provide critical decision support to clients in urgent crisis events. 

Suzy has extensive public company experience, having served as both an officer and director of a NYSE insurance holding company and as General Counsel of a NASDAQ company. 

Suzy serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations and has received many awards for her service, including the Anti-Defamation League’s prestigious ‘Americanism Award’.

Suzy is co-author of the book Disaster Ready People for A Disaster Ready America.

James W. Satterfield, President

Jim has experience as President, CEO, and COO of various public and private companies in crisis management, environmental, insurance, reinsurance, risk management, and

Jim has extensive expertise in the identification and quantification of risk along with solution design.

He is a nationally recognized expert in crisis management.

Jim led the team that provided the crisis and media management support at Virginia
Tech in response to the shootings, as well as hundreds of other client crisis engagements.

He has spoken to hundreds of groups on crisis management, risk management, governance, and disaster planning.

Jim is co-author of the book Disaster Ready People for a Disaster Ready America.

 Insurance Program Improvement

CrisisRisk leadership assists agents, brokers, insurance companies, reinsurers, captives, pool managers, and insurance buyers in improving the quality and success of their program and insurance placements. We make programs better

CrisisRisk provides its services through an extensive network of experienced insurance, reinsurance, legal, engineering and business professionals.  Recognizing no organization can employ all the in-house expertise necessary to make all aspects of a program operate at a best practices level, CrisisRisk fills those gaps.

Frequency and severity reduction, insured/agent/broker satisfaction, insured retention, best practices compliance, accelerated market penetration, and comprehensive risk reduction are just some of the reasons that you are Better with Us™.

We assist with new and existing program development or expansion, underwriting guideline development and adaptation, post-underwriting insured education and risk management, marketing and sales support, claims management, and any other area that will lead to a better program.

What does CrisisRisk bring to the table?

Utilizing insurance, risk management, open-source intelligence, analytics, and crisis management tools and strategies, CrisisRisk helps its clients analyze their gaps and exposures to improve their programs and exceed their goals and objectives.

Our approach acts as both a sword and a shield, helping you gain market share and protect your base. By providing our clients with a better approach to risk management, crisis management or other program enhancements, the program is better able to compete.

By providing insureds with the highest quality risk protection, with the smallest amount of “holes in the net”, we assist insurance providers in retaining existing business and creating barriers for competitors to enter or steal existing business.

We place tremendous value on existing relationships.

CrisisRisk works through your existing agent and broker relationships. For new programs, we can assist in the identification and development of appropriate production channels. In those situations where an agent or broker is not representing the program or insured, CrisisRisk will make appropriate accommodations to ensure that the best services are provided for the benefit of the program client.


CrisisRisk does not represent competing organizations in any program area. We work exclusively with our program clients to ensure that they are the leader in their specialty.

For more information on our Program Improvement services, please contact: or call Harry Rhulen at 720-244-8114.