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Helping Leadership Teams and Boards of Directors 

identify, plan for, and respond to risk and crisis events.

The Strategy of Risk

Managing the Exposure, Realizing the Opportunity

Has your Crisis Manager Ever Managed a Crisis?

We have. Hundreds.

The Team

Experience When It Counts

CrisisRisk™ is a seasoned team of professionals with decades of hands-on experience handling crisis events, including shootings and threats of violence in schools and the workplace, discrimination and sexual harassment/misconduct/molestation, executive malfeasance, cyber breach, communicable illness outbreaks, kidnapping and cannibalism-- yes, cannibalism.

We take a contrarian approach to crisis communications which has proven to be a best practice in the evolving world of social media. 

Read more below to learn more about our exceptional team.

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Founder and General Counsel

Founder and President

Founder and CEO

The Services

CrisisRisk™ works with leaders and boards of directors to identify strategic emerging threats and vulnerabilities which put critical assets at risk—people, reputation, brand, key relationships, financials. We develop strategies for mitigating those risks and prepare leadership teams to make decisions, take action, and effectively communicate when they materialize.

Business Meeting

Strategic Risk Assessment

Do you know what is coming?

Working with your leadership team, CrisisRisk identifies threats and vulnerabilities-- known and unknown, long-standing and emerging-- which pose risk to your critical assets.

Crisis Response

24 x 7 x 365

Do you know who to call?

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Assistance from CrisisRisk

  • Crisis Communications Support

  • Decision Making Support

  • Intelligence Monitoring

  • Investigation and Legal Support

  • Media Management

  • Reputation and Brand Protection

  • Security Enhancement

  • Threat of Violence Assessment

  • Victim Management Support (grief/trauma counseling; bereavement/victim memorial planning assistance)

Business Meeting

Strategic Crisis Planning

Do you have the plans you need?

Will they work?

Types of Plans

  • Break-Glass Plans: Threat-specific Playbooks (E.g., Executive Malfeasance, Sexual Harassment, Workplace Discrimination, Product Recall, Cyber Breach, Communicable Illness/Pandemic, Industry-Specific Break Glass Plans)

  • Base Strategic Plan: Provides the framework and process to respond to any strategic crisis event.

  • Crisis Communications Plan: Identifies Stakeholders, Home Bases, Message Maps, Media Management, Social Media Monitoring


  • Identification of Strategic Crisis Leadership Team and Internal/External Subject Matter Experts

  • Risk Categorization Methodology

  • Phases of Activation with documented actions in each phase

  • Program Maintenance: Training, Exercises, After Action Reviews




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