About CrisisRisk

History and Vision

CrisisRisk is the preeminent firm in the identification and quantification of crisis risk.

Over the last 15 years, Suzanne Loughlin, Jim Satterfield and Harry Rhulen have developed an understanding of crisis and risk that comes from the real world of assisting in the management of the consequences of hundreds of adverse events.

From natural disasters to mass shootings, sexual abuse to #metoo, excessive use of force to racial discrimination, we have helped clients mitigate the risk and create value and opportunity from events that could have been catastrophic.

CrisisRisk serves as strategic crisis advisors to senior leadership before, during, and after a crisis event. We help organizations manage risk on a large scale, holistically. CrisisRisk will identify escalating circumstances and provide leadership with critical insights and information needed to prevent or mitigate the resulting crisis consequences.

CrisisRisk looks at crisis and risk in a whole new way.

The Principals of CrisisRisk have taken a contrarian approach to crisis communications which proved to be a best practice in the evolving world of social media.


CrisisRisk works with insurance organizations to assist in program development, marketing, underwriting, claims, broker education, and frequency/severity reduction.

We also work with large groups– trade associations, municipal insurance pools, school districts, and other groups that can work together to reduce their exposures and increase their opportunities.

CrisisRisk works with multiple state insurance pools and associations boards and their members to provide training and direct crisis response. CrisisRisk has provided assistance in addressing excessive use of force, loss of life, sexual misconduct, illegal actions, wrongful death, criminal charges, discrimination, media involvement, allegations of misconduct,  social justice, racism, voter suppression, fraud, bias, investigations, federal intervention, politics, and legal actions.