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Steeped in Risk, Forged by Crisis

The founders of CrisisRisk each have decades of crisis and risk management experience.  There is no organization that has the depth and breadth of experience that we do.  We have assisted in handling some of this nation's worst crises.  Leveraging our backgrounds in law, engineering, insurance, and risk management, Suzy, Jim and Harry have assisted the boards and management teams of organizations ranging from main street businesses to faith based organizations to multi-national corporations.

Suzanne R. Loughlin

Founder and General Counsel  845-313-0777

Suzanne has extensive consultative experience in crisis management and crisis communications planning and response on behalf of clients ranging from some of the world’s largest global companies to educational institutions (P-12 and higher education, public and private) and governmental entities.

Suzanne’s hands-on crisis management experience, combined with her training and practice in legal exposures, enables her to provide critical decision support to clients in urgent crisis events. Suzanne is a regularly requested speaker by associations and organizations in all industry sectors, and she has inspired hundreds of groups and thousands of listeners.

Before founding CrisisRisk, Suzanne co-founded Firestorm Solutions, a nationally recognized crisis management firm which she sold in 2017, served as Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel of a NASDAQ company, Director and Chief Administrative Officer of a NYSE insurance holding company, a litigator with a major New City law firm handling professional liability matters and Managing Attorney of a law firm with multiple offices throughout the country.

A licensed attorney in New York, she has also completed extensive Emergency Management Institute training, including Emergency Management Professional Development Series Certification from FEMA. 

Very active in the New York Hudson Valley region, Suzanne serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations as well as Rhinebeck Bank. She has received numerous awards for her service, including the Anti-Defamation League’s prestigious ‘Americanism Award’.

Suzanne is co-author of the book Disaster Ready People For A Disaster Ready America.


Jim Satterfield

    Founder and President     770-331-1951

Jim is a nationally recognized expert, keynote speaker and author on crisis management, threat assessment, disaster preparedness and business continuity planning.

He has experience, as President, CEO and COO of public and private companies, in business continuity, communications, crisis management, environmental, insurance, reinsurance, risk management and technology. Jim has extensive expertise in the identification and quantification of risk.

Jim has led in the development of national standards for risk management, environmental risk and disaster due diligence.

He has spoken to hundreds of groups on risk management, crisis management, governance, disaster planning and preparedness.

Jim’s analysis and experience in working with thousands of businesses has led to the foundation for all CrisisRisk services and initiatives. Jim emphasizes promoting and enforcing a culture of preparedness to protect an organization’s assets, brand/reputation, revenues and enterprise value.

Jim led the team that provided the crisis and media management support at Virginia Tech in response to the shootings, as well as hundreds of other client crisis engagements.

Jim’s philosophy is that “Every crisis is a human crisis.” He co-authored Disaster Ready People for A Disaster Ready America. The book guides individuals in developing their own preparedness plans at home. This benefits corporations as the key to having employees perform at work is for them to know their families are safe – a fundamental building block for all business continuity plans – at work.

Jim is also a dynamic, engaging and compelling public speaker and receives exceptionally high praise from his audiences. His keynote addresses, seminars, workshops and exercises are highly-interactive presentations on preparedness and response measures.

Jim is personally involved in selecting and designing exercises to fit the audience and speech topic. Test exercises engage the audience in the decision-making processes required of them during a crisis – a rare opportunity to practice both tactical and strategic measures before an actual emergency forces response.

Jim has conducted these preparedness seminars for public and private corporations, associations and government agencies. Promoting and enforcing a culture of preparedness protects a company’s assets.

Harry W. Rhulen

Founder and CEO        720-244-8114

A former public company CEO, and an attorney, Harry serves as a trusted advisor who brings critical decision support to many public company CEOs, school superintendents, and government officials. 

Before founding Crisis Risk, and Firestorm Solutions, which he sold in 2017, Harry spent decades of his career in the insurance industry, serving as President of several insurance companies and insurance agencies, with United States and European operations.

Harry led several public offerings and conducted over thirty M&A transactions.  As a board member of the American Insurance Association, Harry testified before Congress to expand the opportunities for financial services companies.

Harry has provided media training to public company CEOs, school superintendents, and many other business and government spokespersons, to ensure that “the way they talk about the crisis doesn’t become their next crisis.”

He serves as crisis manager to several schools in Colorado that have had school shootings, as well as numerous other crisis incidents.  Harry brings unmatched hands-on crisis management expertise to the table- with a particular emphasis on crisis communications and media response.


Mr. Rhulen is also an industry adviser in the energy sector, having served on the board of the Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute. Harry works with numerous energy companies in developing their crisis management, crisis communications and business continuity plans, and has responded to many crises, ranging from union strikes and workplace violence to carbon footprint reduction.

He has served on the boards of several profit and not-for-profit entities, receiving humanitarian awards for many of his efforts, including the “Quality of Human Life” Award from the American Red Cross.

He is a member of the ASIS Crisis Management & Business Continuity Council and a Board Advisory Services faculty member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD).

Harry is a regular presenter at national and regional corporate and education association conferences throughout the country, and co-author of Disaster Ready People For A Disaster Ready America.




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