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What CrisisRisk can do for you

CrisisRisk™ gives agents, brokers, insurance companies, reinsurers, captives, pool managers, and insurance buyers the vision to improve the quality and success of their program. We make programs better™. 

CrisisRisk provides its services through an extensive network of experienced insurance, reinsurance, legal, engineering and business professionals. Recognizing no organization can employ all the in-house expertise necessary to make all aspects of a program operate at a best practices level, CrisisRisk fills those gaps.

Why you are Better with Us™:

  • Frequency and severity reduction
  • Insured/agent/broker satisfaction
  • Insured retention
  • Best practices compliance
  • Accelerated market penetration
  • Comprehensive risk reduction and more

What we assist with:

  • New and existing program development or expansion
  • Underwriting guideline development and adaptation
  • Post-underwriting insured education and risk management
  • Marketing and sales support
  • Claims management
  • Any other area that will lead to a better program
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What does CrisisRisk bring to the table?

CrisisRisk starts each project with a clean slate. Utilizing our knowledge and experience
in the insurance industry, as well as risk management and crisis management tools and
strategies, we help clients, big and small. We analyze the gaps and exposures to assure
the greatest coverage. This helps to improve their programs and exceed their goals and

Our approach helps clients gain market share and protect their base. By providing our
clients with a better approach to risk management, crisis management or other program
enhancements, the program is better able to compete.

By providing insureds with the highest quality risk protection, with the smallest amount
of uncovered areas, we assist insurance providers in retaining existing business. This
creates barriers for competitors to enter their market or steal their business.

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We place tremendous value on existing relationships.

CrisisRisk can work through your existing agent and broker relationships. For new
programs, we can assist in the identification and development of appropriate
production channels. In those situations where an agent or broker is not representing
the program or insured, CrisisRisk will make appropriate accommodations to ensure
that the best services are provided for the benefit of the program client.

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CrisisRisk does not represent competing organizations in any program area. We work exclusively with our program clients to ensure that they are the leader in their specialty.

For more information on our Program Improvement services

Email or call Harry Rhulen at 720-244-8114 cell/text.