Violence Protection Program

Welcome to the CrisisRisk Violence Protection Program Training Resource

The content accessible through this site is for employees of organizations that have purchased a Deadly Weapon Protection Insurance policy.  This training is offered as a resource to help you recognize behaviors of concern related to someone who may be on a path to violence and prepare you to respond to the threat of an active assailant. 

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Violence Protection Program Training Series

This training will help prepare you to:
  • Respond to a threat of an active assailant in your workplace.
  • Provide you with what you need to know about your physical environment before something happens. 
Our Behavioral Risk: Awareness module is coming online soon. 
This training covers:
  • Types of violence (targeted, domestic and criminal).
  • How to recognize threats and behavioral warning signs exhibited by people who may be on a path to violence.
  • What to do when you see these behaviors.